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Lehman has always been a leading figure in the design and manufacturing of bulk material handling components. Our wide range of products includes rollers, transoms, pulleys, motorized pulleys, covers, cleaners and other accessories to set up belt conveyors. Thanks to its competence, our company provides reliable support and can recommend the product most suited to the specific application.

Among possible fields, Lehman bulk handling solutions are ideal to assemble mining conveyor systems. Lehman material handling components are used at every stage of this application: from the initial dig and transportation of any type of materials from the extraction point to the production of refined market-ready materials and all the intermediate steps required.

While the design for each project is highly specific, material handling components are the elements that make a difference in mining conveyor belts. Strong, safe and reliable parts are required to support heavy loads and resist to wear, due to the various conditions of materials and environment. The quality and durability of the design and materials of Lehman products guarantee full efficiency and functionality in mining critical environments. They can be used for any conveyor belt that requires the transportation of heavy and abrasive materials (coal, lignite, gold, copper and so on) and in any range of temperatures, both for underground and open-air extraction.

Therefore, Lehman is now a reliable partner for the updating or modernizing of production lines as required in many industrial sectors. Indeed, the growing demand for raw materials combined with systems offering ever-higher levels of performance require increasingly flexible handling. To this end, the use of conveyor belts is undoubtedly the fastest, most practical and economic solution.

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