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Lehman is a reliable partner for the updating or modernizing of production lines with a specialization in the production of bulk material handling components for conveyors. Our complete selection of products includes rollers, transoms, pulleys, covers, cleaners and other accessories for conveyors.

Our experience in the sector makes us a reliable partner to trust for a range of system requirements, according to the specific application. Salt and sugar industry conveyor belts operate in highly corrosive environments and move strongly abrasive materials between single process areas. This includes salt granules extracted from mines or through offshore solar evaporation, sugar beets or sugarcane plants and raw sugar crystals. Therefore, setting up resistant conveyors in salt and sugar industries is fundamental to make any operation run more effectively.

In such sectors where durability and productivity are two main factors, Lehman products offer solutions that resist over time. Lehman material handling components are specially designed and engineered to withstand the higher wear imposed by salt and sugar plants. They are abrasion and corrosion resistant components thanks to the use of materials ranging from plastic to stainless steel used in combination with sealing systems suited to the most aggressive environments.

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