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Lehman production includes a wide range of rollers, pulleys, transoms, covers, cleaners and other material handling components for conveyors. Our solutions are designed to be employed in multiple industrial fields to update or modernize production lines. Recycling industry can trust the competence and experience gained by Lehman to find the most suited and recommended products, also on the basis of specific application conditions.

Conveyor systems in recycling facilities are used to move large quantities and heavy loads of waste products and demolition and construction materials like aggregates, wood, glass, plastics and scrap metal. Due to the corrosive and abrasive nature of materials, material handling components supporting conveyors need to be very strong and resistant. Moreover, conveyors act as connection systems between the different sections of recycling process: loading dock, screening and sorting line, crushing area. Therefore, components need to ensure an efficient and continuous service along the whole line.

The main strength of Lehman products is their reliability. The quality of the materials used and the design always guarantee full efficiency and functionality. This allows Lehman providing the most suitable rollers according to capacity, type of transported material and speed of each individual system. When productivity is closely tied to timing, Lehman guarantees reliable material handling components that ensure reduced downtime, continuous performance and safety.

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