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The long experience and competence of Lehman in the design and production of material handling components for conveyors support several industries in modernizing and speeding their production lines. Lehman solutions are suitable for the realization of conveyor belts in steel and power plants where specific operating demands are required.

When it comes to steel and power plants, an interruption-free material handling system is needed in order to provide uninterrupted energy and ensure the continuous work of the plant. Lehman is the ideal partner for the supply of rollers, transoms, pulleys, covers, cleaners and other accessories capable of guaranteeing a reliable and continuous service.

Depending on the site of the plant and load capacity required, it’s necessary to employ fitting conveyor systems. Thanks to the quality of design and materials, Lehman material handling components can be used in any range of temperatures and for any conveyor belt. They are suitable for the realization of conveyors for underground and open-air extraction which provide steel and power plants with big quantities and heavy loads of bulk materials, including coal or biomass. Even in these critical conditions, quality and durability of Lehman solutions ensure maximum efficiency and functionality.

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